Why Organic Tea You May Ask ? – Or Just Scroll Down to See The Tea.

Organic Tea has been grown without herbicides and or chemicals. Such chemicals can make us sick so the less ingested the better. And Why Tea you may also ask? Tea has found to have L-Theanine, an amino acid found mainly in tea plants.

L-Theanine increases alpha waves which explains why tea is known for its calming effect. This inturn helps the body to regulate blood pressure and stress and improve our thinking and memory.

The tannins in tea have also been found to defend the bacterium that induce tooth decomposition

So while drinking this good brew, why not have it chemical free also.

Organic Tea Reduces the Chemicals in our Earth.

On a side topic but just as important, if organic tea sales are improved, less tea may be produced with chemicals. Therefore the environment is preserved. Chemicals do have a negative effect on our soil and waterways and ecosystems.

Organic Tea Here at Wholefoods Melbourne

We attempt to provide the best quality Organic Tea form our sources available. We believe that organic tea provides to best possible outcomes for human health. Please let us know if you have sourced a great organic tea and we will try to supply it to you.

To Your Health.