Absolute Organic Cocoa Butter


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Absolute Organic Cocoa Butter 500g

Absolute Organic Cocoa Butter is packed full of Vitamins such as Vitamin E (beta- and gamma- tocopherols) and has a unique composition including the essential fatty acids Omega-6 and monounsaturated Omega-9 (oleic acid, like olive oil).
Cocoa butter is used by melting at a low heat and then combined with cacao powder and a sweetener of your choice such as maple syrup/honey/coconut nectar or agave syrup to make the most delicious chocolate.  You can the use your imagination and add whatever additions you like.  We love cranberries, coconut flakes, hazelnuts or you can use vanilla or orange essence? Whatever your choice enjoy.
Cocoa butter can also be used in making desserts or raw cakes.