Gut Health Workshop Frankston


Gut Health Workshop Frankston

When – Wednesday 11th October 2017
Time  6pm
Where – 28 Wells Street Frankston.

Learn more about the role of gluten, fructose, dairy and sugar in our diet and how these modern manufactured foods can be contributing to leaky gut, inflammation, autoimmune disorders and intolerances. You will also learn healthy food swaps and easy label reading.


We will showcase a number of gluten, dairy and refined sugar free recipes for you all to taste as well as going home with a goodie bag full of recipes, nutritious gut friendly food samples and much more.

Who Is Presenting…..

Kylie Shotton is a health and wellness coach and a nutrition educator.  She has a 15 year history of working with health foods which was inspired by her family’s and her own nutritional challenges.

Kylie has a wealth of nutritional knowledge which you can draw on throughout this class.


We Look Forward To Seeing You There…

The Wholefoods Team



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