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Wholefoodies October Giveaways... 3 Kombucha Making Kits are being given away in October 2017 for you to make this Xmas. Simply comment on this post using a friends name and you both go into the draw on the 31st October. Full instructions and video will also be provided. Good Luck !

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Clare Parks we could make kombucha together!

Oh I'd love to make my own kombucha! Tiffany Thojaya ❤️

I've thought about trying to make kombucha a few times Brionaigh Buchanan could be fun 🙂

We could make kombucha for the clinic Erica Helen 🙂

Matilda Sweeney, this would be great and easier to make and try!! Good luck!

Bri Vogel....we need this....!!

Ryan Rug this what i want to make and drink

Kim we could learn to make our own kombucha🙌🍾☺️

Suzanne Marambio let’s make some kombucha together!

Nicole winter

Caitlin Lyddieth

Pauline Cleaver (fingers crossed)

Monica Presenza we need!!

Stacey Hockin 🙌🏼

Scott Stephens👍😀

Simone Guganovic

Stacey Hockin

Kathy Connell

Tatiana Rios Yanez

Roxy Hitchcock

Nick Booth

Jess Fogarty-Skewes 💚

Virginia Sutherland

Tanisha Aroha O'Brien

Ross O'Brien

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The Big Man's World

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Beth Lancet omg yum


Leanne Tander

Plant Based News
PopSugar Fitness

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Claire Elizabeth Ambler making this!!

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The ABC’s of Whole Foods

W – is for the WEALTH of vitamins and minerals which are present in every whole food. Vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains, and legumes belong in this category. If you can see that your food stays close to its original form and not overly processed (i.e. refined, powdered, sweetened, dehydrated, or canned), then that is a whole food.

H – is for HEALTH, the main reason why people eat whole foods. Its components such as antioxidants, plant protein, good fats, fiber, and phytochemicals are naturally preserved. Your body will benefit more from eating whole foods since it contains the much needed substances which can help prevent and heal various illnesses and physical conditions.

O – is for ORGANIC, one of the most ideal types of whole foods. Think about all the preservatives, chemical sprays, flavor enhancers, and additives which can be found in our everyday meals. Food processing has transformed the common food into packages of calories, oils, fats, sugars, and sodium substances which easily pile up and bring unpleasant effects in our bodies. These things, as much as possible, can be avoided by eating whole foods instead.

L – is for LOCAL. It is recommended that you buy whole foods in your local market, since the nutrients tend to deteriorate in time. To fully absorb its benefits, try to find newly harvested farm produce or better yet, start growing some in your own backyard.

E – is for ENERGY. When you consume whole foods, you will feel so much better. Since your body is no longer working hard to break down chemical additives and remove toxins, it can now function more properly. If you’re looking for convenience, you could try making your own snacks from dried fruits and nuts, or your own blended fruit shake.

By consuming whole foods as the main part of your diet, you are doing your body a favor. Switch to whole foods today!

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