Whole Foods

Whole Foods can be defined as food that is naturally sourced, are without pesticides and have had minimal processing and additives and other artificial substances. They are generally organically certified. Categories for such foods include nuts, seeds, healthy oils, cereals and condiments, cacao and carob products and dried fruit.

Whole Foods and Diets

Whole foods are becoming increasingly popular in the western world due to the increase in diseases which some professionals blame on our modern day diets.

Modern medicine has reduced disease in our society especially those that can be transmitted from person to person in high populated ares. Despite this the quality of life of some people seems to be reduced due to chronic diseases caused by our dietary habits.

Modern day diseases including diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory diseases and cognitive decline  can be induced by obesity, high cholesterol and poor diets of poor quality food.  Recommendations for dietary guidelines are being challenged in recent times with previous recommendations being a low fat high carbohydrate diet. There are now some ideas that a diet high in good fats and a diet low in carbohydrates may be preferential such as the Paleo Diet.

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Changing guidelines about what we should and should not eat

Some suggest that private business in the food industry has influenced western government guidelines on the right diets that people should have. Read further here. 

Changing guidelines about what we should and should not eat.Organic Wholefoods

Organic Wholefoods in Australia are those certified as organic by the Australian Certified Organic Standard.  This provides Australian consumers with an audit process of the food they are consuming to ensure quality.

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Australian Certified Organic Logo

Whole Foods Recipes

In order for Australians to consume more whole foods there must be movement towards preparing food rather than people eating fast foods which are foods bought from food outlets often containing high amounts of sugar, salt and calories. High Quality whole foods recipes to ignite such habits are important to ensure taste.

Whole Foods

Whole foods Melbourne provide Australian families with organic,and raw food that is delivered for free. Whole Foods can reduce disease and improve lives.