Absolute Organic Diced Tomatoes No Added Salt


Absolute Organic Diced Tomatoes No Added Salt

Absolute organic diced tomatoes with no added salt are made from the best ripe tomatoes that are organic. The organic diced tomatoes are an ideal base for soup or salsa, stew or casserole, and any Italian pasta sauce. Every kitchen needs to have this amazing product in their pantry.

So What Is With These Tomatoes

The main ingredients used to make this product include organic tomatoes that have been diced or cubed, and organic tomato juice.

Key Benefits Of These Tomatoes

This product comes with a number of benefits. It is GMO free, has no added salt and citric acid. The product is also dairy free, gluten free, has low fat, no preservatives, has no nasties added and it is vegan. It is certified organic and has been certified by ACO. Besides these great benefits this product is incredibly delicious!