Absolute Organic Red Kidney Beans


Absolute Organic Red Kidney Beans

These absolute organic red kidney beans are tiny nutritional powerhouses that have a lot of goodness in them. They contain lots of minerals, fibre, protein and vitamins.

Why Beans Are Good

There are a number of reasons for including this product in your diet as the beans help to rise your energy, assist in steadying the levels on blood glucose in the body, and keep you feeling satisfied for long. The organic kidney beans are common especially in Mexican salads and dishes and they maintain their shape really well when being cooked and have a flavour that is very strong. You can use the absolute organic kidney beans in place of meat in a number of recipes.

Features Of These Beans….

The key ingredients used are red kidney beans and water.

Absolute organic red kidney beans are certified organic, Kosher certified, gluten free, dairy free, and vegan.