Australian Harvest Organic Horseradish Vinegar With Bio Grape


Australian Harvest Organic Horseradish Vinegar With Bio Grape

The Australian harvest organic horseradish vinegar with bio grape is an apple cider vinegar that has been fermented naturally and it gets its therapeutic advantages and flavours from the herbs found in the bottle.

When To Use This Zingy Vinegar

The vinegar has a zingy taste and can be used either on its own as a salad dressing or as a vinegar base of a simple dressing with the addition of olive oil that is organic. Besides using this vinegar on salads, you can also consume it daily so as to reduce inflammation in the body.

The Australian harvest horseradish vinegar does not have any colours, artificial preservatives, animal by products, or flavours.

So what Are The Ingredients ?

Fresh horseradish garlic, raw organic apple cider vinegar, bio-grape seed extract & spices, organic bio-cayenne (cayenne pepper extract) and organic bio-curcumin 95% (bio-active turmeric extract)

Health benefits Of This Tonic.

This amazing product can be used for therapeutic purposes such as overcoming the symptoms of flu, colds, hay-fever and sinusitis.

Super Product
Super Product
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