Gut Health Workshop Frankston 11th June 2019


Gut Health Workshop Frankston

When – Tuesday 11th June
Time –   7pm
Where – 28 Wells Street Frankston.
Cost – $45

Giving up food is not a tragedy, tragedy would be letting it control your life!

With so many diets and new ways of eating it can be a minefield trying to navigate your way around a supermarket or health food shop.  What should I eat? what should I avoid? Should I be vegan, paleo, gluten free, dairy free, keto,  fructose free and what do they all mean?
We will help you understand your digestive system and how it functions, give you the information to help you not just avoid foods but actually heal your gut, help to lessen inflammation and promote a healthy immune system.
If you are interested in learning more about the role of gluten, dairy and sugar in our modern day diets this workshop is for you!!

You will receive all the recipes to get you started and a show bag full of little Gut Health goodies to help you on your way.

Who Is Presenting…..

Kylie Shotton is a health and wellness coach and a nutrition educator.  She has a 15 year history of working with health foods which was inspired by her family’s and her own nutritional challenges.

Kylie has a wealth of nutritional knowledge which you can draw on throughout this class.


We Look Forward To Seeing You There…

The Wholefoods Team



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