Himalayan Black Salt 500g


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Himalayan black salt is a type of rock salt, a salty and pungent-smelling condiment used in South Asia. Its rather strong smell comes from its high sulphur/sulphite mineral content, which is especially desirable if your diet prohibits you from using animal products as it makes a wonderful substitute for egg. It has high concentrations of magnesium and iron.pWhole food Earth providing high quality whole food products and unique access to the bio-resonance service that delivers a personalised breakdown of your body’s biochemistry, exposing food intolerances, vitamin deficiencies, chemical inbalances and much more. We provide healthy wholefood without using toxic pesticides/chemicals. Available in 500 g pack.

  • A salty and pungent-smelling condiment
  • Used to give food a bit of a different taste
  • With a bit of a tangy taste
  • Concentrated with magnesium and iron
  • Healthy whole food without toxic pesticides/chemicals


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