Organic Cashews Raw 1kg

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Organic Cashews Raw 1kg

Why Eat These Healthy Nuts ?

Not only do these cashews contain many health promoting benefits they are also a fantastic ingredient in the

kitchen. Great for snacking on their own and they also taste great when incorporated into a nutritious trail mix,

muesli or granola mix. Why not try sprinkled over yoghurt or ice-cream?

These Nuts Are Great For …….

They are a fantastic addition when used in yummy baked goods such as, cakes, fruit and nut loafs, slices, tarts, pies, bars and used to make nut spreads!
Offsetting a delicious flavour to stir-fries, curries and savoury dishes that can be offered to friends and family when entertaining.

Who Should Eat Them ?

They are great for kids snacks and taking along to work and are the perfect afternoon snack that will boost your

energy levels ! However way you like to enjoy these fantastic organic raw cashews, you can’t go wrong!

Product of Vietnam

Weight 1000 kg
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