Organic Psyllium Husk 1kg


Organic Psyllium Husk 1kg

Organic Psyllium Husk 1kg is 100% certified organic and is obtained from the crushed seeds of the Plantago ovata plant, a herb native to parts of Asia, Mediterranean regions of Europe, and North Africa.
It is an agricultural product, containing no additives or preservatives, and may therefore be subject to seasonal colour and flavour variations. Psyllium is pure fibre.

Maintain Your Digestion.

When Organic Psyllium Husk is mixed with a liquid it forms a gel which moves down the digestive organs and soaks up toxins and harmful residues flushing out the toxins when you go to the toilet.
Fantastic addition to your smoothies or sprinkle over your cereal in the morning.

Weight 1000 kg
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