Organic Vegetable Only Box – Small


Organic Vegetable Only Box – Small

Here is an example of what will be in your box.  There maybe some slight alterations based on what the farmers bring to market and seasonal availability.

Potato x 500g
Carrots x 500g
Sweet Potato x 500g
Beetroot x 500g or Kale
Green Beans x 100g
Broccoli x 1
Zucchini x 2
Mushrooms 100g
Tomato x 3
Spinach 100g
Avocado x 1
Cucumber x 1
1/2 Pumpkin
Garlic x 1
Onion x 2

If there are options you would like more of or less of just pop in your notes and we will do our best to accommodate you 🙂


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