Workshop – Detox Your Life For A Healthier You !

Here is a quick note to let you know about a must know topic for you and your family.

To avoid disease and sickness we must manage our level of toxins that we are exposed to each and every day.

This is where this Workshop kicks in.

Kylie will be presenting to you a fabulous insight into how you can reduce your toxins each and every day, and it is

not that difficult. All that is needed is education and knowledge.

We encourage you to attend our Detox Masterclass early next week.

The winter is gone and it is time to get down and detox !!!

When: Monday 28th August 2017

Time: 6pm

Where: 28 Wells Street Frankston, 3199

 Click Here To Detox Your Life

Rid Your Body and Space Of Accumulated Toxins!

Learn about toxins in our water, food the air we breath, hidden hazards like electro-magnetic radiation and the simple things you can implement to protect your self.

Photo by Brian Metzler on Unsplash

Who Is Presenting This Amazing Topic?

Kylie Shotton is a health and wellness coach and a nutrition educator.  She has a 15 year history of working with health foods which was inspired by her family’s and her own nutritional challenges.
Kylie has a wealth of nutritional knowledge which you can draw on throughout this class.

Click Here To Detox Your Life

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