Health Foods Store Frankston

Health Foods Store Frankston

Wholefoods Melbourne is located a 28 Wells Street Frankston and is open

Monday to Friday 10 am to 5 pm and

Saturday 10am til 4pm.

What Health Foods Do We Have ?

This health foods store in Frankston specializes in healthy organic foods that keep people healthy. We have fresh mostly organic fruit and vegetables and bulk whole foods such as nuts, seeds and dried fruit that you can serve yourself at excellent bulk food prices.

There are also some packaged products such as healthy alternative chocolate, healthy sweeteners, oils, organic tea, flour, superfoods, health care body products, healthy eating books along with  gluten free, sprouted and healthy alternative bread.

In the fridges we have dairy free cheeses and milk, probiotic drinks, grass feed and organic meat of all sorts and many vegan food options.  We have bone broths, organic saurkrauts, organic dips,

In the freezer there are healthy option pies, and dairy free ice cream, organic frozen fruit, raw cakes and organic vegetables.

We have many dairy free, gluten free and low GI food options.

Contact Us

We have excellent staff to talk about your healthy food needs. Do not hesitate to discuss any food issues you may have, or call us on 97835584 if you are looking for anything in particular.