Organic Wholefoods – Sourced Naturally

Organic Wholefoods are foods that have been certified organic and have minimal if any processing. Australia provides a structured certification process for farmers and food providers for foods to be certified by Australian and International companies..


Australian Organic Wholefoods Certification

The Australian certified organic standard is the rule book for farmers, retailers, farmers markets, wholesalers and restaurants/cafes to abide by if they wish to be certified organic. It currently involves a four step auditing process by which must enable to become certified.

Certification occurs for foods both in Australia and international. For example Wholefoods Melbourne provides shredded fine coconut which was grown in the Philippines but certified organic in Australia.

organic whole foods
Shredded Fine Coconut – 500grams from Wholefoods Melbourne

Certified Organic Shredded Coconut Now Available

In order for food producers to became certified organic they must apply first. Following this they are audited every 3 years to ensure best practice occurs. Ultimately this service allows for consumers to know that they are getting the best quality of food for themselves and their families.

Where We Source Our Organic Wholefoods.

We supply organic whole foods from Australia and overseas. Products and locations include organic apricots from Turkey, most coconut products from the Philippines and organic Brazil nuts from Brazil of course, and Organic Medjool Dates from the Middle East, organic cranberries from the U.S.A. and organic sunflower seeds from China. Australian products include organic almonds and organic macadamias and a host of others.

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Making Better Food

With the knowledge that the food purchased has been sourced organically, organic minded buyers are able to cook, bake and create food as shown in the below picture, knowing that the food is wholesome without any short cuts in the gathering process. There is greater knowledge that pesticides have not been used to produce the food and therefore reducing the possibilities of disease in the future.

Overall it is important for all people to become more aware of the processing that our food can undertake and attempt to source the best possible food for ourselves and our families. This improves current day health and reduces the possibilities of disease in the future.