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We at Wholefoods Melbourne are Melbourne based and provide online whole foods Australia wide. Our main aim is to encourage organic sourced food in the diet of all Australians as much as possible.  We provide healthy recipes that encourage good food with fine organic ingredients.

Wholefoods Delivery

Delivery times vary depending on the location of your front door- all deliveries occur via Australia post.  If you have any concerns then please contact us.  Your healthy goods will be delivered on the day of ordering if ordered prior to 1pm, except on weekends and public holidays


Wholefoods Melbourne

Wholefoods Melbourne provides food that has had minimal additives and processing. We encourage raw and organic food, fed free of dairy/ refined sugar and processing.  We source goods locally in Australia and overseas. Our whole foods are Certified Organic in Australia.

10 Reasons To Start Eating Whole Foods

Below is a video that provides 10 Reasons To Start Eating Whole Foods. Some of the main reasons for eating whole foods includes reducing disease such as diabetes and cancers, improving ones quality of life by feeling healthier and having more energy for you and your family.

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Recipes To Start Using Whole Foods More

Whole Foods Melbourne Publishes Recipes To encourage the use of these healthy ingredients.  Click here for a list of different types of recipes.

Recipes encourage not just health meal options but also healthy slices, chocolate recipes, kids recipes and dairy free recipes. We encourage you to submit your recipe if you think you have stumbled across a winning recipe please contact us to submit your recipe.

We look forward to seeing you on our website ordering wholesome food for you and your family.