Almond Meal
or almond flour or ground almond is ground up almonds with the skin on,
( almond meal natural ) or with the skin off, ( almond meal blanched ).
It has a consistency like a corn meal and a greater texture than plain

Historically, almond meal has been popular in dishes such as sweet pastry , marzipan and frangipane.

Why Almond Meal ?

meal has an ever increasing popularity because of it being
low-carbohydrate, grain free, paleo diet friendly and gluten free. It is
used increasingly in cakes, biscuits and muffins.

Almond Meal provides natural oils to moisten the food and a fabulous sweet nutty flavour.

Where to find Almond Meal

You can find almond meal natural and almond meal blanched at Wholefoods Melbourne on this page. Both types of almond meal come in 500g, 1kg and 2kg amounts.

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Super Product
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