Fruit and Vegetable Organic Mixed Box – Small


Organic Fruit and Vegetables

We will select a range of seasonal fresh organic fruit and vegetables for you.  An example of what is in your box is as follows;  This may vary slightly based on what produce is available from the farmers and what they bring to market.  We aim to bring you the freshest organic farmed vegies around.
If you need extra you can tag on additional fruit or herb/bulb bundles.

500g Organic Potato
500g  Organic Carrots
1 x Organic Zucchini
2 x Organic Onions
1 x Head of Organic Broccoli
2 x Organic Tomato’s
100g Green Beans or Snow Peas or Peas
1 x Organic Avocado
4 x Organic Banana
4 x Organic Apples
100g Organic Spinach or Organic Mushrooms
3 x Organic Mandarins or Oranges
2 x Organic Kiwifruit