Organic Times Choc Chip Cookie

This Organic Times choc chip cookies are simply irresistible! These are 100% certified organic home-style cookies that have been made with butter from 100% grass fed cows and are baked with smooth, fair trade choc chips. The ingredients used to make these cookies are purely organic. The cookies are also baked using traditional artisan baking methods and they are free from flavours, preservatives, and artificial colours.


The ingredients used to make these choc chip cookies are as follows: *Flour, *Sugar, *Salted Butter, *Milk Chocolate (12%) (*Rapadura Whole Cane Sugar, *Cristallino Cane Sugar, *Cocoa Butter, *Whole Milk Powder, *Cocoa Mass, *Soya Lecithin, *Vanilla Bean Powder), *Fresh Whole Eggs, Baking Powder, and *Vanilla Extract.

No GMOs have been used.

Nutrition information

Organic Choc Chip Cookie           Per 60g        Per 100g

Energy (kJ)                                       1204              2007

Protein (g)                                           4.3                 7.2

Fat –         Total (g)                            12.7               21.2

Saturated(g )                       8.5              14.2

Trans(g)                               0.3               0.5

Carbohydrates -Total (g)                   38.8            64.7

Sugars(g)              19.3            32.2

Sodium (mg)                                    192.0         320.0