Almond Meal Natural 500g


Almond Meal Natural 500g

Almond Meal Natural (also known as almond flour) is a fantastic low carb, gluten free alternative to standard wheat flours. Still containing the natural skin of the almonds, this helps contribute to its rich colouring and delicious flavours.

Almond meal is also incredibly high in protein and vitamin E that is great for lowering cholesterol and managing a healthy lifestyle.


With a beautiful fine consistency, natural almond meal is a great ingredient that can be added into an array of dishes such as, bliss balls, pancakes, muffins, macaroons, cookies, cakes, smoothies and also used to coat yummy meat, poultry, seafood and vegetable dishes.


There are a million ways you can incorporate almond meal into your diet, why not make your own almond milk? – it’s definitely worth a try!

Our yummy almond meal is 100% Australian grown and made, helping us support our Aussie farmers as much as possible.


  • Energy 2330kJ
  • Protein 21.3g
  • Fat Total 43.9g
  • – Saturated 3.6 g
  • Carbohydrate 14.3g
  • – Sugars 6.3g
  • Sodium 1.3mg
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