Great Lakes Unflavoured Gelatin


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So What Is Great Lakes Unflavoured Gelatin All About ?

Wondering what gelatin is? Great Lakes Unflavoured Gelatin is purified protein developed by the selective hydrolysis of collagen from the skin, bones and/or connective tissues of animals. Great Lakes supplies you with the highest types of pure gelatin that are unflavoured and edible. The gelatin is available in either type A (porcine) or type B (bone or bovine).

How To Use This Fabulous Gelatin.

The porcine gelatin is unflavoured and contains pure protein. It is a gelatine dietary supplement and can be used in regular and dietetic recipes. The bovine is a beef gelatine and is also unflavoured. It also contains pure protein and is a gelatine dietary supplement. It is also Kosher certified.
The recommended daily dosage of this unflavoured gelatine is two level tablespoons. One tablespoon should be taken before or during breakfast and the other one before or during dinner. If you want to curb your appetite, take it before meals.