Organic Sunflower Seeds 1kg

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Organic Sunflower Seeds 1kg

Organic Sunflower Seeds 1kg are produced by de-hulling fresh sunflower seeds. These tasty seeds contain essential fatty acids and are an excellent source of dietary fibre, Vitamin E, B, B1, Thiamine, B5 and folate as well minerals such as copper, manganese, potassium maganese, iron, phosphorus, selenium, calciu, and zinc. These seeds have amazing health benefits. Additionally they are rich in cholesterol lowering phytosterols.

When To Use These Seeds

Great as an alternative to nut butters. Simply roast in the oven then blend to a butter in the food processor. Also fantastic in trail mixes, muesli, breads, baking and sprinkled over a salad.

Weight 1000 kg
Whole Foods Melbourne

Wholefoods Melbourne


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