Who had heard of chia seeds in Australia 10 years ago?  I definitely had not and I am guessing many of you hadn’t either.  Lucky for Australia a man by the name of John Foss decided 10 years ago to start a company with untapped and unknown potential.    But Foss saw the potential, he identified that it was a grea source of omega 3, full of protein and fibre and that it reduced the effects of the Western diet on our bodies. He first stumbled upon the idea when he identified the improved health habits from a community in Mexico. These people were eating a poor like their neighbours but seemed to have better health by including chia in their diet.  There was less obesity and diabetes. After discovering this, Foss made a plan and with determination, sweat and the influence of positive friends he is now the worlds largest producer of chia seeds. Here are some of the health benefits of chia.

Chia Is A Great Omega Source

Chia is one of the greatest sources of omega 3 and 6 which lowers cholesterol and risk of artery disease.  Ultimately this improves brain health and potentially can ward off dementia.  It is important to remember that the body cannot produce this itself and needs an external source.

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Improved Blood Sugar Control

A study in 2007 produced by Harvard University and published in Diabetes Care  found that chia appears to help improve blood sugar control and heart-disease risk factors in people with diabetes Type 2.  Another study in 2011 from the University of southern Queensland also found that feeding chia to obese lab rats improved their insulin sensitivity.

Fat Reduction

Fat reduction is another of the many benefits of chia seeds.  As John Foss found in Mexico, fat levels are reduced by taking Chia seeds. The study mentioned above in 2011 by the university of Southern Queensland has also found that abdominal fat is redistributed.

A further study in the British Journal of Medicine showed that feeding rats chia reduced the belly fat responsible for effecting metabolism in the body.

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Chia seeds are really becoming one of those considered’ super foods’ due to its nutritional benefits.

It seems to improve heart and brain health with its levels of omega 3, improved endurance qualities and reduced fat in dangerous areas of the body.  Further studies may need to take place when considering inflammation and absorption of nutrients into the body.

The easiest way to use this I have found is to add it to meals with sauces as it is not noticeable on the palate. I also add it to the morning cereal.

Are you using chia seeds, what dishes are best to use them in. Have you identified any health benefits from a change to Chia ?

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This article was inspired by Australian Mens Health September 2015 edition. Thank you.

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