Are Dried Apricots Good For You ? Well you can eat 2 types of dried apricots, the bright orange ones or the dark ones. Often we associate colour with good nutrition but in the case of dried apricots, it is a reflection of added preservative to keep the colour or the dried fruit bright orange. So even though these look better and healthier, us as consumers need to think about what is keeping these fruits bright in colour and how can that effect our health. Most bright orange dried apricots are preserved with sulphur dioxide among other dried fruits such as dried apple, prunes and raisins.  Dried apricots with sulphur dioxide is very popular in the major supermarkets due to their increased shelf life and colour being more appealing to the consumer.

Here we talk about sulphur dioxide and the effects it can have on our bodies.

What Are Sulphites

Sulphites are inorganic salts and include the following:- Sulphur dioxide (E220), sodium sulphite (E221), sodium bisulphite (E222), sodium metabisulphite (E223), potassium metabisulphite (E224), calcium sulphite (E226) and calcium bisulphite (E227)Sulphur dioxide are often used to preserve food. It has different levels in food depending on the type of food type of food it is in.

Preserved Dried Apricots With Sulphites

Sulphites and Allergies

Sulphites can create problems in people with allergies or sensitivities. It can also effect those suffering from asthma creating some breathing difficulties and or  wheezing. Severe allergic reactions are uncommon according to the Australasian Society Of Clinical Immunology and Allergy.  Like with most sensitivities and allergies , the greater the sensitivity the greater the reaction.

Sulphites are actually produced by the body but the problem occurs when a person does not have the natural enzyme to break it down, hence a reaction occurs.

Organic Dried Apricots


How To Avoid Sulphites in Your Dried Apricots

The best way to avoid sulphites is to eat organic. Organic dried fruit does not have sulphites in them. Their appearance is dark brown, but their taste is second to none. By eating organic the risk of breathing complications for your self and your family due to an allergic reaction is nullified.

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So Are Dried Apricots Good for You ?

Sulphites are chemicals added to dried fruit such as dried apricots to enhance their bright orange appearance. Unfortunately suphites can create allergic reactions in people with sensitivities and those with a history of asthma.

Raw and organic dried apricots and dried fruit is the ideal alternative though is less easily obtained from general supermarkets.

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Have you had an allergic reaction to dried fruit or noticed any breathing issues such as wheeziness when eating them ? Are you ale to eat dark brown dried apricots ?

Please share this article with others to inform them of the dangers of suphites in food for those who may be sensitive.

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