Gut Health Master Class Video

What This Includes…

  1. A Comprehensive Video Outlining the Essentials of Gut Health. Length 1 hour :56 minutes

Why Your Gut Is Essential To Health

Gut health is critical to overall health and it seems everyone is talking about it.

In fact, research over the past two decades has shown that an unhealthy gut contributes to a wide range of diseases, but what does good gut health actually look like? How do we know we are doing the right thing?

In our Gut health workshop we will answer these questions plus, you will learn some interesting facts on;

  • How the gut works
  • Understand just how food consumption effects gut functioning,
  • Signs of an unhealthy gut
  • What is leaky gut
  • The secrets to repair
  • What is Kefir
  • Making kombucha and health benefits
  • The role of fermented foods
  • How to make sauerkraut and fermented foods and
  • The benefits of bone broth……….. plus much more.



Who Is Presenting ?

Kylie Shotton, health / wellness coach and nutrition educator, has a 14 year history of working with health foods. This interest was inspired by her family’s and her own nutritional challenges.

Kylie has a wealth of nutritional knowledge which you can draw on.

gut health

We Hope To See You There,

The Wholefoods Melbourne Team.


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