How To Make Kombucha Master Class Kit And Video


How To Make Kombucha Master Class Kit And Video – Here Is The Answer.

What’s Included ?

  1.  Master Class Video Length – 1:05 hours, covering topics including :-
  • How to Make Kombucha
  • Gut Health
  • Fermented Foods
  • Benefits of Using Fermented Healing Botanicals
  • Ways To Improve Your Gut Health
  • How To do a Second Ferment And Flavouring

2.  Written Information on Kombucha to enable you to make your own Kombucha with step by     step written directions along with a detailed video.

3. Your Very Own S.C.O.B.Y and all other ingredients sent to your home to start your very own Kombucha making career….,

Who Is Presenting ?

Kylie Shotton, health / wellness coach and nutrition educator, has a 14 year history of working with health foods which was inspired by her family’s and her own nutritional challenges.  Kylie has a wealth of nutritional knowledge which you can draw on throughout this video.


 How To Get This Master Class

Simply click through On The Link Above.


The Wholefoods Melbourne Team


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