Himalayan Salt 500g


Himalayan Salt (Crystals)

Himalayan Salt is considered to be one of the most purest forms of whole salt on the planet. Slightly pink in colour, Himalayan Crystal Salt is mined from areas in the Himalayan Mountains that were once under sea beds.

Containing around 84 minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron, these minerals are small enough to be able to penetrate the human cells in a form that can be easily assimilated and metabolized by the body.
Himalayan Salt is extremely wholesome and natural. It helps to regulate the water content throughout your body, and promotes a healthy pH balance in your cells as well as blood sugar health, bone strength, respiratory health and much more. In addition to the health benefits of replacing table salt or even sea salt, Himalayan Crystal Salt is delicious, providing a more complex flavour to our food.

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