How To Make Kombucha Workshop Tuesday 27th August 6.15pm


Kombucha Masterclass –
Learn how to make Kombucha, find out why it is so good for our bodies and take home your very own kit.

Tuesday 27th August 2019 – 6.15pm


How To Make Kombucha Workshop Frankston

The Kombucha Masterclass
WHEN: Tuesday 27th August 2019
TIME: 6.15pm
COST: $45 Includes tastings, information booklet, your own kombucha starter kit with scoby and recipes

We promise an enjoyable night with like minded whole foodies learning how to make this wonderful health tonic.
The night starts off with learning all about Kombucha, where it came from, why its good for you and how to make your own tasty batches at home. We have samples to taste.  We show you the good the bad and the when its time to dispose of your scoby.

We offer tastings, demonstrations plus you get to go home with your own Kombucha kit armed with all the information you could possibly need to make this beneficial health elixir.

Date: Tuesday 27th August 2019 @ 6.15pm
Book online or call the store on 9783 5584 to book over the phone
We are open Monday – Friday between 10am-5pm and Sat 10am-4pm.

So what Topics Are Covered ?

  • How to Make Kombucha -step by step instruction.
  • Why drink Kombucha – what are the health benefits.
  • What can Kombucha be used for along with recipes and other ways which kombucha can be included in your diet
  • How to do a second ferment and flavouring your kombucha
  • Benefits of Using Fermented Healing Botanicals
  • Ways To Improve Your Gut Health.

You will receive

  • Written Information on Kombucha to enable you to make your own Kombucha with step by step written instructions.
  • Your Very Own S.C.O.B.Y kit sent home with you to start your very own Kombucha making career!
  • Recipe cards
  • Tastings

This Masterclass runs throughout the year – if you wish to book a later class please contact us to list your name for the next class

Who Is Presenting ?

Kylie Shotton is a leading health and wellness coach and has been working with clients in making a conscious transition to good nutrition for over 16 years.
Kylie was inspired by her family’s and her own nutritional challenges and after years of study, research and education has put together this fascinating and informative workshop. Kylie has a wealth of knowledge in helping people to improve their health and wellbeing.



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