Pana Chocolate : Gluten-free, Guilt-free, and Just Good.

Craving for a bite of that sweet, luscious, chocolate bar? Sometimes, it’s quite hard to resist the temptation. The velvety sensation and captivating scent of cocoa is enough to make one forget the loads of sugar and calories that come with it.Well worry no more…Pana Chocolate is here to fulfill the deepest chocolate desires without the guilt.
Say goodbye to the unwanted fats and allergies brought by ordinary chocolate bars and welcome to the world of rich, all-natural, and healthy Pana Chocolate.
Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Pana Chocolate distinguishes itself apart from other commercial chocolates in the market today.

So we decided to get the low-down on what makes Pana Chocolate great , the information below is what we found out.

“Love your Insides, Love the Earth.”

So Why Is Pana Great ?

Pana Chocolate is raw and organic, and handmade from the finest cacao pods, coconut, cold pressed cacao butter, wild carob, organic cinnamon, and dark agave nectar.
The purest ingredients are carefully combined to produce a luxurious masterpiece that is Pana Chocolate.
Take a bite or two and feel free to enjoy the flavors that are usually missing in other alternatives to sweets. It is refreshingly delightful while having no dairy nor soy, gluten, or refined sugar in its ingredients.
The aim is to create a quality product that is suitable for people with various dietary requirements, such as allergies (lactose/ gluten/ soy) and medical conditions. Hence, Pana Chocolate has achieved a strong presence in the vegan community.


The Pana Chocolate Display At wholefoods Melbourne Frankston.


‘Pana Chocolate Now Available Online’

Health Benefits :

Its recommended for those wanting to reduce refined sugar in their diet. In is certified by associations such as the Australian Certified Organic, The Vegan Society, Vegetarian Society UK, Kosher Australia, and Halal Australia. Their corresponding logos are added to the product packing for clear identification.
Pana Chocolate is a healthier version of the usual chocolate recipe. It’s rawness comes from the preparation that uses consistently low temperature, which produces a non-acidic chocolate. This retains its naturally occurring nutrients and antioxidants.


Just Some Of the Many Varieties - Fig and Wild Orange Has Been A Favourite Here At Frankston.

Pana Chocolate raises awareness on eating organic products. By sourcing the best quality organic ingredients from producers around the world, farmers get the best value for their hard work.

Certified Organic Chocolate

Certified organic ingredients ensure that the end products become what nature has intended it to be, without any additives, chemicals, or pesticides that could negatively impact people’s health, and the Earth in general.
That is why Its not just an ordinary chocolate bar. It tells people to “Love your insides, Love the Earth.”

Even More…..Pana is Eco-Friendly

True to its responsible Earth advocacy, Pana Chocolate is packaged in 100% eco-friendly material, a biodegradable foil wrapping with vegetable based inks and edible gum seal.
So next time the cravings come in…unwrap the goodness of Pana Chocolate. It’s time to indulge in a fine chocolate that is as nutritious as it is delicious.

Should you wish to discover further the wonders of Pana, here is their website: @


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