Kate Save: ‘Ketosis is the Best Way To Lose Weight’

Kate Save, a dietitian and exercise physiologist believes the best way to lose weight is Ketosis. With her double degree in nutrition/dietetics and exercise science, she assists individuals who are looking to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Together with other local diet specialists, she established Peninsula Physical Health & Nutrition or PPN, a haven for all aspects of dietary management.

Her main goal is to provide options for a wide range of nutritional needs. Through PPN, patients can have access to accurate nutritional analysis and proper dietary prescription for various physical conditions.

‘The state of Ketosis will only be achieved if the body

will no longer depend on carbohydrates.’

1) The Body Burns Fat Naturally

One of these options is the use of Ketosis for weight loss. Ketosis is defined as a normal metabolic process that occurs when there is not enough carbohydrate to produce energy. As a result, the body burns fat to make up for the missing energy source. The process creates “ketones” – substances in the body which is known to decrease appetite.

2) No More Yo-Yo Diets

Kate believes that a Ketogenic diet is more effective than other weight loss methods. For people who have been struggling with the yoyo-like cycle of dieting, the rise in ketone levels will make the weight loss easier. Scientific studies have shown that ketosis is a positive tool that can fight obesity.

The best way to lose weight is to lessen the consumption of carbohydrates and calorie laden food. The state of Ketosis will only be achieved if the body will no longer depend on carbohydrates, and use fats instead, to convert into energy.



Walnuts Provide Good Fats

3) You Can Monitor Your Fat Loss Daily

Using test strips and blood ketone monitors, the patient will be able to determine his/her own ketone level. Within 2-3 days of following a very low calorie diet or VLCD, ketone levels will increase. A rise in ketone levels indicates that the body is indeed, using fat as fuel source.

When it comes to side effects, the Ketogenic diet may only cause feelings of lethargy for the first few days, after which the patient’s mood will greatly improve. A bad fruity breath will also be noticed, as the body produces the ketone body acetone.

The fact that Ketosis has been proven to curb hunger, reduce weight and improved glycemic control makes it the ideal weight loss solution.

Here is a published article from ‘Experimental and Clinical Cardiology’ regarding the positive effects of using ketosis for weight loss

Kate Save also recommends the Mediterranean diet after dealing with Ketosis for a certain period of time. This will enable the patient to achieve long term weight management.


Kate Save

From weight goals to sports training and medical conditions, Kate Save and the whole PPN team aims to improve people’s lives through a well-balanced nutrition. If you wish to contact Kate she can be contacted via her website at http://www.healthandnutrition.com.au/

Have you tried ketosis for weight loss, if so how were the results ?

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