Loving Earth Organic Caramel Chocolate 80g

Loving Earth organic caramel chocolate is to die for!
Made by combining coconut nectar with the finest cacao butter, coconut and cashews for a melt in your mouth unique caramel chocolate.

Where This Is Sourced

In the village of tropical Java, Indonesia, golden coconut nectar has been hand harvested and home processed by the islands people for generations. This beautiful nectar is used to create this wonderfully smooth and naturally sweetened chocolate bar with 36% cacao.

No Processed Cane Sugar

This is truly a fantastic guilt free treat with no processed cane sugar.

* Vegan
*Gluten Free
*Soy Free
*Sugar Cane Free
*Certified Fair Trade
*GMO Free
*Certified Organic – ACO creditation


Organic Virgin Cacao Butter, Fair Trade Organic Evaporated Coconut Nectar, Organic Raw Cashews, Organic Coconut
*Made in Australia from imported ingredients. Contains nuts.

Nutrition Information

Per serve – 8.9g: Energy: 248KJ (59Kcal). Protein: 0.4g. Total Fat: 5.3g. Saturated Fat: 3.1g. Carbohydrate: 2.9g. Sugar: 2.4g. Sodium: 2mg.


Per 100g: Energy: 2790KJ (664Kcal). Protein: 4.5g. Total Fat: 59.3g. Saturated Fat: 35.1g. Carbohydrate: 32.3g. Sugar: 26.8g. Sodium: 18mg.




Weight 80 kg


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